For the past 20 years I have been involved in Leadership Development with executives from almost every sector; technology, government, automobiles, financial services, oil & gas to name a few. I have been fortunate to have delivered Leadership Programmes in some of the greatest cities and places on earth!

However, after 7 years at a leading UK Business School (based in Dubai) I started RMD Advisory in 2015 so I could so I could go on a learning adventure and explore my purpose. This bright idea has taken me on a very long journey to where I wanted to get to. I have worked on many (at times random) projects and start-ups that went no where in spite of being very cool ideas. From each experience I learned what I needed to do more and less of… it has been a fascinating and adventurous journey… I know that I am definitely on the right path!

On a very personal level as an Indian, born in Kenya, educated in the UK and now living the UAE and having worked on every continent, I believe has helped me to understand adaptability better than most! I shall definitely articulate this more in one of my articles.

I am fortunate to partner with some of the strongest facilitators globally to design and deliver Leadership Programmes regardless of industry. Contact us if you want further information.